Lynchburg firefighter gets interviewed on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Maurice Bruce answering a few questions from Jimmy Kimmel. ( Kimmel Live)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- A Lynchburg firefighter got his 5 minutes of internet fame during a recent trip to Los Angeles.

Maurice Bruce, who works for the Lynchburg Fire Department, and his wife were in the audience of "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

During the show, Kimmel interacts with audience members during commercial breaks while his crew changes the set.

While this part of the show doesn't make it on air, it does get posted to Facebook for all to enjoy.

In a video Kimmel picks out Bruce to talk to in the audience.

Bruce tells Kimmel he's there all the way from Lynchburg and works for the fire department.

Of course hilarity ensues and Kimmel asks Bruce if he slides down a fire pole, and if anyone's ever gotten hurt sliding down it.

The conversation then turns to cooking and Kimmel wants to know if anyone has ever been fired from the station for being a bad cook.

During the interview, Bruce is laughing the whole time sharing a little bit about what happens over at the Lynchburg Fire Department.

You can find more Jimmy Kimmel Live clips like this one here.

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