Lynchburg doesn't recognize Lee-Jackson Day, but you can still learn about the Civil War


LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Lee-Jackson Day is a Virginia statewide holiday, which means most state offices closed Friday, but not all cities in the Commonwealth celebrate.

According to the Washington Post, Lynchburg, Norfolk, Newport News, and Hampton are some of the cities that don't recognize the holiday.

Charlottesville just stopped in 2016, and Blacksburg not far behind in 2017.

In Lynchburg, the Lynchburg Museum was open Friday on Lee-Jackson Day, and have a permanent Civil War exhibit if you want to learn more about our area's role in the war.

"Even though Lynchburg doesn't celebrate Lee-Jackson day, I hope that people can come to the museum and learn a little bit about the civil war, but maybe also about civil rights, and Martin Luther King," said Laura Wilson, the Curator of the Lynchburg Museum.

The Lynchburg Museum will also be open Martin Luther King Day on Monday.

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