Lynchburg celebrates National Adoption Day, 71 kids adopted in 2017

On Saturday, the City of Lynchburg celebrated at the courthouse with the families of the 71 children who were adopted in 2017. (WSET)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- November 18th was National Adoption Day across the country. On Saturday, the City of Lynchburg celebrated at the courthouse with the families of the 71 children who were adopted in 2017.

There were 13 kids who officially became apart of their new family on National Adoption Day.

We caught up with a few parents and their kids on how adoption has changed their lives for the better.

When Kayla Wade, 17, was younger her mother died, which forced her into the foster care system.

"Me and my siblings got split up, so I was always in and out," Kayla said.

She lived with her aunt and uncle for a while, but she says things did not end up working out for them.

But now she has found her forever home with Tiffany Garland and her family of 12.

"It's just like a sense you feel wanted... you feel kinda whole," She said. "I feel more secure being in my foster home."

Parents Clark and Sharrie Robbins wanted to give that feeling to the children they adopted as well.

They officially adopted their two boys Josiah, 9, and Joseph, 11, this past October.

They took in the two boys with special needs four years ago.

"We work at a school for children with significant special needs," which prompted them to take in the boys, father Clark Robbins said.

A few years ago, the Robbins fostered a 12-year-old boy who was also living with disabilities, when he suddenly passed away. They said he suffered from having severe seizures.

"That was our introduction to foster care," Robbins said.

But they felt as though they needed to help other children, so they decided to foster the two boys until they could adopt them.

"We have been able to help them in a lot of ways that have been beneficial for them," Robbins said.

And more parents in Lynchburg are taking on this good deed.

"There were 26 children adopted in the last two years and then this one year there were 71," Lynchburg Foster Care and Adoption Unit Supervisor April Watson said. "So it's significant and then we are anticipating a few more before the end of the of the actual year."

The Robbins recommend others to open their hearts and homes to adoption.

"There are children out there that need stability, that need safety and love and you could be the answer," Sharrie Robbins said.

Watson said there are still more than 100 children living within the foster care system in Lynchburg, waiting to find their forever homes.

If you're interested in adopting or fostering a child contact the Lynchburg Department of Social Services at (434)-455-5850. You can also contact Lynchburg Foster Care Services at (434)-455-5718.

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