Lynchburg cab drivers losing business to non-paying customers

Local cab drivers are experiencing loss of business due to customers who ride but do not pay. (Photo: WSET)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Cab drivers in Lynchburg shared they are experiencing issues with people not paying their fares.

Cab companies say they've seen in uptick in people getting out of cabs without paying their fare.

"They will call the cab stand and ask for a ride. Then they will ride to a destination and when they get there they will say, I'm going inside to get the payment and then they'll dip off," said Charlene Walker, a local cab driver.

Lynchburg Police said they know that it's happening but find difficulty in providing exact numbers because they are lumped into the general fraud category.

Walker has been driving for Allied Cabs for the past 8 years. She explained that the issue puts driver in a bad position and also puts them in danger.

Another cab driver, Jessica Dunkley, said that one rider has gotten her twice.

She said seeing so many faces throughout the day can make it difficult to identify and prosecute the thieves.

"All we can do is just take it as a loss and just take it off our sheet because if you don't know exactly where they went to there's really nothing you can do," Dunkley said.

The drivers are planning to continue working with police to find a solution.

The crime prevention unit with Lynchburg Police suggested that companies facing similar issues should develop policies to protect their employees.

Some of the suggestions they gave included asking for a deposit on trips or requiring customers to provide their driver's license before taking off.

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