LU students with family in Florida weigh in on Hurricane Irma

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While Liberty University students are hitting the books, some are keeping a close eye on their families threatened by Hurricane Irma in Florida.

"They are stocking up on supplies, as well as water, gasoline, food," said LU Junior and U.S. Marine Sean Fussell. His hometown is Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida, 30 minutes south of Orlando.

Family members, who mostly live in the Central Florida area, told him those supplies are running out, and they're now preparing for the worst.

"We're all stretched out, and I'm hoping no one really gets too affected," said Fussell.

Yannivi Izquierdo, like Fussel, is a biblical studies major. Most of her family evacuated Miami, but some stayed behind. She joined the ones who left in North Carolina.

For these students, the threat of Irma is all too real, but Fussell, a future senior pastor, said the threat is as real as his faith, believing his family is in good hands.

"God has been just faithful, providing for me, keeping me safe, with the Marine Corp., here at Liberty, just allowing me to have the time of my life," he said.

He recalled how miracle after miracle helped him pay for college.

"I know that catastrophic times will come, and if it does hit my family, and if it does take a loved one, I know it's in God's plan," Fussell said.

Both students said they hope for yet another miracle, as their homes and others in Florida could face an uncertain future. The recent hurricanes are what many would call tests of faith. These students are inspiring others to stand firm in spite of the storm.

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