LPD gets closer to getting a new headquarters


LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET)-- The Lynchburg police department is closer to getting a new home.

The Greater Lynchburg Transit Company board agreed to transfer its former headquarters to the city.

City manager Bonnie Svrcek says she's worked here for 19 years and in that time police always served from multiple buildings. It was only supposed to be temporary fix, 5 years at most.

The GLTC property at the corner of Kemper and 12th streets had to stay on the federal register for 30 days since federal money helped pay for it. It came off on the 23rd. The next day, Svrcek got word the city could proceed with getting the property from the GLTC.

On Wednesday, their board agreed to give it to the city. It's a win for the city because Svrcek says, the current police building is appalling.

"I was on the tours with the final candidates and walking through there spaces and I was appalled. I was embarrassed," Svrcek said.

The city attorney should have the paperwork for the move by the end of the month. It's projected to cost around $35-40 million.

Svrcek says worst case scenario, the police department would move into their new headquarters in 5 years.

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