LPD and local food bank team up to help feed elderly in need

    Lynchburg Police officers delivered food to

    LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank and Lynchburg Police Department teamed up Wednesday morning to deliver to the elderly in need.

    Some officers delivered to their doors at the Hillcrest Apartments in Lynchburg as part of their Community Action Team.

    It was part of the Commodity Supplemental Food Program, where people in need at Hillcrest, James Crossing, and a few other areas get an extra $50 in food once a month.

    "Sometimes the food that they get already isn't enough," said Trevor Pauley with Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. "For example, some people with SNAP Benefits only get $16 a month, and that is not always enough to fund their food needs."

    The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank was chosen as one of two food banks to pilot this program. The other food bank in the program is FeedMore in Richmond.

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