'You can be scammed like I believe I was,'; woman warns about possible Facebook ad scam

Melissa Wilson says she believes she was scammed while holiday shopping online (Photo: Daniel Palm)

APPOMATTOX, Va., (WSET)--- Melissa Wilson says she wants to warn everyone about after she believes she was scammed.

Wilson says she placed an order with the website for building blocks, a shirt and earrings in early November.

"No date, no tracking number, nothing when I try to contact them," she said. " I feel awful because my family was expecting these gifts on Thanksgiving."

The items she ordered still have not come.

"After 29 days I contacted them I got an email back saying my order would come in 1 to 2 business days. I waited and it never came," said Wilson. " I emailed them again and then they told me November 30th and I waited and it never came."

Wilson says her family lives out of state. She had plans of giving the gifts to them over the holidays.

"I even talked to my nieces and nephews and said I have presents on the way and I show up empty handed and it was just really an awkward experience," said Wilson.

Wilson says she has tried to contact the company by phone and hasn't been able to get through.

Now, she is using this as an opportunity to warn others during the holiday season.

"It can be complicated and dangerous doing Christmas shopping online. You can be scammed like I believe I was and then your items don't show up and your children are disappointed and its just something you have to look out for," said Wilson.

The Better Business Bureau gave this website an F rating. The BBB says that the rating is based on the websites ability to handle disputes and customer service. also had almost 400 complaints from customers on the BBB's website , many of them similar to what happened to Wilson.

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