Local water authorities say your water is safe after report about contaminants

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LYNCHBURG, Va.-- According to an environmental group your water is contaminated, but water authority reports in our area say to not panic. The Environmental working group, a non-profit that says it works to protect human health and the environment, claims several areas around here have contaminated water, including Roanoke, Danville and Lynchburg, some cancer causing.

According to the annual reports filed by the cities water company's none are violating federal and state regulations. Local water authorities say the group's report is not the complete story, and the water is safe to drink.

Danville Report, Lynchburg Report, Roanoke Report

"Any water is going to have some level of contamination, and our goal is to reduce that level of contamination to where it's safe, and we do that on a regular basis," Lynchburg Water Resources Director Tim Mitchell said.

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