Local neighborhood watch gets 'reboot'

Local residents meet with LPD about the re-organizing of Neighborhood Watch. (Photo: WSET)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Local Lynchburg officers organized Neighborhood Watch 2.0, an effort to crack down on the upswing of crime and concerns of residents.

"They [residents] had some concerns about just general disrepair on the street, which we've addressed, and some other problems and some loitering, disorderly conduct," said Officer Lee Hughes.

Officials say the crimes in Lynchburg are increasing even with 63 neighborhood watch groups already in place.

"The problem is, while we have more groups than we used to have, the number of people participating in each group seems to be dwindling," said Steven Wood of the community action team.

With Neighborhood Watch 2.0, officers hope to improve communication between already existing watch groups.

"I'd like to get everyone in the city involved, and I think this will make it easier for us to share information back and forth and make some anonymous reporting a little bit easier too," Officer Hughes said.

Groups recently went door-to-door to listen to the concerns of residents. They've also made an effort to listen to other watch members for more efficient ways to keep neighborhoods safe.

"The people in the community are our eyes and ears, and this has to be a partnership between us and the community as a whole," Officer Hughes said.

For more information on the neighborhood watch groups or community policing efforts, visit the Lynchburg Police Department or download the Nextdoor app.

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