Local Mom of Son With Cerebral Palsy Asking Community for Birthday Cards

Danville, VA - A mother in Danville hopes you will help her son celebrate his 16th birthday. Tate Malone has cerebral palsy. His birthday is in a couple weeks and his mom wants him to know that he has the community's love and support.

In some ways Tate Malone is like any other 15-year-old student at G.W. High School.

"He likes to listen to music, especially gospel music. And he also likes Sam Smith," said Tate's mom, Tambra Malone.

But in many more ways he's different.

"He has cerebral palsy and restrictions of some muscles. And he also has epilepsy," said Malone.

Caring for Tate is a full time job for his mom. Even more so in the past four years since Tate's dad was diagnosed with a brain condition that left him needing care as well.

"It's a 24-hour job. I don't hardly get any sleep," said Malone.

Tate doesn't speak.

"He blinks one time for 'no' and twice for 'yes,'" said Malone.

But he loves people. Even when that kindness isn't always returned.

"When we are out, people are looking and staring. And it doesn't bother me. He's mine and I know he's a child of God so I shouldn't be ashamed of him," said Malone.

That's why for his 16th birthday later this month, his mom says he wants lots of birthday cards.

"To just show the love and support and just to know that people care," said Malone.

To do that, his mom is asking the whole community to help by sending Tate a card. Tate's sixteenth birthday is Sunday, August 30th. You can mail a birthday card for Tate to:

Tate Malone
710 Grove Street, Suite A

Danville, VA 24541

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