Local men to grow mustaches to fundraise for children's charities


LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- It's growing season for mustaches.

Mustaches 4 Kids Lynchburg is a volunteer-run organization that raises money for local children's charities.

They have teamed up with six different charities this year to raise money.

The idea is that you grow a mustache, the organization provides you with a website and then you ask people to donate.

"Its just such a unique idea to have fun fundraising," Chris Boswell with the Boys and Girls Club said. "Not a lot of people like to ask for money for things, but this makes it easy and fun at the same time."

The growing season lasts from now until December 7.

At the end of the Growing Season, there will be a Mustache Competition called the Stache Bash.

Those interested in donating or participating in an event can visit their website.

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