Local man donates his late mother's furniture to flood victims

    Sam Pinn talks to Tanesha Anderson, who he donates his mother's furniture to. (WSET)

    LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Flood victims in Lynchburg are continuing to receive help.

    It's all thanks to a story ABC 13's Courtny Jodon did last week.

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    Tanesha Anderson, Lewis Garland and their three children lost all of their furniture on the bottom floor of their College Hill Apartments duplex after the flooding August 2.

    Sam Pinn saw our story on Thursday and told us he wanted to help them.

    He and his siblings just lost their 92-year-old mother and were left with all of her furniture.

    At first they did not know what to do with all of it, now they do. They are donating items like couches, dishes and anything else they have the Anderson and Garland need need to replace.

    "I'm just thankful that you know there's good people in the world that actually want to help people because I just felt like I had no one in my corner and no help," Anderson said. "For people that don't even know me and my family, willing to help. it just touches my heart."

    It just so happens Pinn's mother worked at the Community Action Group in Lynchburg until she was 90.

    "We thought that it was in our best interest to help someone who's in need," Pinn said. "It's probably something that our mother would have wanted us to do."

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