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Local Food Truck Worker Gives Out Free Food on Christmas Day

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Lynchburg, VA--

Many spent Christmas day receiving gifts, but one food truck owner in our area decided to give back.

Lynchburg resident, Loralee Walters says on Thursday she received her permit to drive and operate Jacked Rabbit Food Truck, where she serves all types of Vegan foods.

On Friday's menu she whipped up meatless BBQ sandwiches and Vegan chili.

To kick off the opening of her restaurant on wheels she parked outside of the Salvation Army during lunch hours and fed everyone who stopped by for free.

"I dig it. I really do, because I've had problems in the past and we kind of wished somebody would've been there and helped us. Sometimes people do and sometimes people don't but the one's who do it's kind of like good Karma," said Walters.

Salvation Army workerssay their Christmas day lunch was canceled on short notice and it was a blessing that she decided to set up shop outside of their facility this afternoon.

The event was sponsored by Evangefest.

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