Local Domino's gets a 'pizza' the action with snow day sponsorship

(Montgomery County Public Schools)

MONTGOMERY Co., Va. (WSET) - Pizza sponsorships aren't new, but sponsoring a snow day is.

Kevin Shaw owns the Domino's in Montgomery County, and he says snow days are big days for pizza places.

He wanted to make it even bigger.

"I'm always looking for a way to get another impression and maybe sell another pizza," he said.

So, he went to the school district and asked about sponsoring snow days.

"I mean, a lot of what we do, as a company, as a local franchise, is try to be involved in the community. And we really focus on helping kids. So this just seemed like a win, win, win," he said.

Connie Froggatt, President of the Montgomery County Educational Foundation and Vice-Chair of the school board says it was an excellent opportunity.

As part of the deal, Shaw will give the education fund $600.

That fund gace out about $40,000, and it all goes back into the class room.

"We're talking technology. We're talking stem initiatives. Arts programs, field trips. You know, all sorts of programs for engagement, also for physical activity," Froggatt said.

The other "piece" of the deal is an inkind donation of $18-hundred dollars, letting the school district put fliers on the pizza box tops to let the community know about different programs.

The school district says the sponsorship has gone well and they're open to sponsorships for early release days and days where there's a delay.

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