Local Couple Gets Hitched Despite Massive Snow Storm

WEDDING 1-23.jpg

Michael and Emilee Ellsworth's wedding was nearly ruined.

"It was pretty chaotic the last couple of days," said Groom, Michael Ellsworth.

Two days before their wedding the couple got news that a dangerous snow storm was approaching.

"I didn't believe any of it at first. I was in complete denial, hoping the storm would miss us or something like that," Said Ellsworth.

but the weather continued, putting their nuptials and the safety of their guests in jeopardy.

"The wind was blowing across the hills and it was just filling the roads. They would plow it and it would fill again," said Bride, Emilee Ellsworth.

The couple was forced to call off their January 23, 2016 wedding date.

The couple made the split decision to have an intimate ceremony at their pastor's home instead.

"We huddled behind some pretty bushes so that the photographer could have a nice backdrop and we got in real close and it sort of seemed like a warmth there that the lord gave us from the cold wind," said Pastor Michael Sherrett.

They say the date 1 2 3 was already engraved on Michael's ring and their hearts and there was no turning back.

"We think that was the best choice we made in all of this, to still get married yesterday."

Their hopes of a fairytale weren't crushed by the snow.

The couple still ended up having the wedding of their dreams surrounded by 50 of their closest family and friends.

After Saturday's ceremony, the couple walked down the aisle again on Sunday at the country club in front of packed room.

" We're just thankful for the story that we have and we know God planned this for us," said Emilee Ellsworth.

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