Local teacher evacuated from Florida; comes home to Danville post summer of medical care

Foisy's sent this picture on the road in gridlock traffic 

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- One local teacher drove through the night with her husband and child, after being evacuated from her treatment center in Florida.

Jessica Foisy had 7 surgeries on her back after what was supposed to be one routine procedure. She has been in Florida sine late May.

"Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, there was a lot of traffic," explained Foisy, "The traffic as we were going on I-75 we got pretty much stopped on a stand still for quite some time, it was about two hours, of just, we made 10 miles in two hours."

She was leaving her recovery center in Hudson Florida where she has been re-cooping from 7 surgeries with lots of complications, including a diagnosis of Pseudomonas spinal meningitis.

She was not supposed to leave for 4 more weeks, but Mother nature changed the course of Foisy's treatment plan.

"People had to be evacuated from our area by Thursday or Friday," She said they had to wait in line for gas for 45 minutes.

"The rest areas, a lot of the parking spots were booked to the max, even on the exit area out were all lined up with cars and trucks," said Foisy.

She said I-95 was bumper to bumper through the night.

And it's a race for her health," I have to get back in 24 hours."

With no infusion in 24 hours, her infection could get worse.

Joe Foisy said the center in Danville did not have the infusions they needed on Thursday, but they plan to go back on Friday.

She plans to get three infusions per day.

The Foisy's are happy to have successful escaped Hurricane Irma's path.

If you want to help the Foisy's click here.

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