Local church provides useful tips in the case of an active shooter

The Falling River Baptist Church in Brookneal hosted a church safety class and shared useful tips in case of an active shooter situation. (Photo: Whitney Burney)

BROOKNEAL, Va. (WSET) -- Falling River Baptist Church hosted a active shooter safety training in light of recent mass shootings.

"I think it's awful that we have to have training to address safety in places of worship of any kind," said Rick Arrington, a retired Roanoke City Police Lieutenant.

Arrington said people who avoid eye contact or speaking to others in a setting like church could be a red flag for a mass shooter.

"Anything that's out of the normal behaviors should raise a red flag, not necessarily that they're going to act out but the more of those behaviors that you see, the more likely that this person needs to be monitored," Arrington said.

The training also taught participants to look for anything unusual, such as a person wearing a coat in the summer months or visitors sitting in the front row.

Arrington said learning such signs could be the difference between life and death.

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