Local business owner looking at new technology to make innovative piano

(Photo: WSET)

LYNCBURG, Va. (WSET) -- A local business owner is hoping to take pianos to the next level by using technology that an luxury car-company utilizes.

Mark Perry has been working with students at Appomattox Christian Academy to build an innovative piano using a carbon filet as part of a three-year STEM project.

Perry wants to take his students to the Lamborghini lab in Seattle, Washington where they've been testing the technology.

One student, Christopher Coviello has been invited to go and he hopes to be an engineer after college,

He said seeing how techniques he's learned are used in the field would be beneficial to him.

"I'll see how that is tied into like all the machinery and the actual physical application and I think it'll just be a good experience to see something different and to see how things are done," said Coviello,

Perry hopes to take six students to the lab in January, which will cost each student around $1,500.

To sponsor a student or to donate to the trip, you can call Perry's Pianos at 434-993-3919 or Appomattox Christian Academy at 434-352-7373.

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