LCS superintendent search continues, school board picks qualities for ideal candidate

The Lynchburg City School Board came to a decision Wednesday night about 12 qualifications and characteristics they will look for in their next superintendent. (@CourtnyJodonTV)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET)-- The search for a new Lynchburg City Schools superintendent continues to move forward.

It was the final chance for residents to share their opinions on the qualities they want in their next top educator Wednesday night at E.C. Glass High School.

Then after that last meeting, search firm Ray and Associates Inc. presented their results of a survey they distributed throughout the community.

After that presentation the Lynchburg City School Board came to a decision about 12 qualifications and characteristics they will look for in their next superintendent.

  • He or she will be someone that possesses excellent people skills, presents a positive image of the district and will listen to input and make a decision when necessary.
  • Possesses the leadership skills required to respond to the challenges presented by an ethnically and culturally diverse community.
  • Inspires trust, has high levels of self-confidence and optimism, and models high standards, integrity and personal performance.
  • Is a strong communicator; speaking, listening and writing.
  • Has experience recruiting and maintaining exceptional staff for the district and schools.
  • Is able to delegate authority appropriately while maintaining accountability.
  • Previous experience that will benefit the long-term financial health of district.
  • Is strongly committed to a "student first" philosophy in all decisions.
  • Possesses the ability to enhance student performance, especially in identifying and closing or narrowing gaps in student achievement.
  • Promotes a positive and professional environment for district employees and Board.
  • Is able to build consensus and commitment among individuals and groups with emphasis on parental involvement.
  • Has experience in the selection and implementation of educational priorities consistent with the interest and needs of students, staff, board and community.

Chairman of the Lynchburg City School Board Dr. Michael Nillies said the biggest issue from the school board is that they want to get all of their schools accredited.

Another trait they will be looking for, "Someone that's got experience with helping to close the achievement gap would be very favorably looked upon it's a challenge... it's a challenge for all divisions across the nation," Dr. Nillies said after the presentation Wednesday.

According to to the survey that Ray and Associates, Inc. distributed 194 teachers and 172 parents agreed with Dr. Nillies.

The deadline to apply for the job is November 12th.

Dr. Nillies says they are hoping to hire someone by early December for the position.

To apply for the job you can head the Ray and Associates' website here.

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