Judge throws out part of Natalie Keepers' confession

Natalie Keepers (Montgomery County Jail)

MONTGOMERY Co., Va. (WSET) - A judge ruled Monday that some statements former Virginia Tech student Natalie Keepers made in connection to Nicole Lovell's murder will be suppressed.

The judge said some of the statements made before Keepers was given her Miranda Rights cannot be used in court.

To the average person, that may be upsetting since Keepers isn't saying she was forced to confess or that police took it out of context.

Attorney Aaron Houchens of Stanley & Houchens isn't involved in this case, but has worked on many high profile cases, says the judge is following the guidelines our Founding Fathers set in the Constitution. "It's to protect everybody and to place everybody on equal footing. And without these rights, we worry that people in the community may be subjected to unwanted government intervention, and these are the rights that stand between us and essentially a free-wielding Executive Branch," explained Houchens.

The Commonwealth's Attorney says they do not plan to appeal the decision.

Keepers is charged with accessory before the fact and concealing a dead body.

According to the court's website, Keepers trial will begin February 5, 2018.

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