Jones Memorial Library helping African-Americans track down their ancestors


LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- The Jones Memorial Library in Lynchburg hopes it can help track down your ancestors to celebrate Black History Month.

Just last week, the Lynchburg Public Library and the Jones Memorial Library partnered up to host a genealogy class.

The librarians have access to census information, marriage records, and court documents that can help complete family trees.

They say because there were such poor records kept during slavery, many African-Americans have had to rely on oral history.

"I think this is particularly exciting for African-Americans when so much of that history is lost," said Lewis Averett, with the Jones Memorial Library. "During the days of slavery, there was no attempt to keep the identity of the slave there. You just fit in with everybody else."

The Jones Memorial Library will continue the program throughout the month.

They say to start, all you need is a few names of your relatives.

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