'It's shocking, confusing;' Mother of wanted Campbell Co. woman wants her to return home

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CAMPBELL Co., Va. (WSET) -- The mother of a woman on the run is sending out a message of hope that her daughter returns safely.

The Campbell County Sheriff's Office is looking for Samantha Harris and Eric Scruggs.

Harris' mother spoke exclusively with ABC 13 about what she wants for her daughter.

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"It's shocking, confusing," Chantal Hopkins, Harris' mother, said.

Chantal Hopkins talks with her daughter Samantha Harris frequently. So when she didn't hear from her for three weeks, she knew something was wrong.

"So I started searching and during my search I found out that there had been a robbery that she had participated in," Hopkins said.

Hopkins says that's unlike Harris.

She knew her daughter was going through a tough time, but she's never done anything like this before.

"I would beg her to please come home and let's get started to get on the right path," Hopkins said.

Harris left her three children, ages 13, 8, and 5.

"They are holding up as well as possible," she said.

Hopkins says she's thankful for her support and she prays for the perfect ending, where her daughter turns herself in.

"Let's start dealing with the consequences, get her life back on track and get straightened out for these kids," Hopkins said.

Although Hopkins doesn't know where her daughter is or what happened, she has an idea as to why.

"So why do you think this happened? Drugs," she said.

Hopkins believes her daughter is using drugs.

"I just wish that everyone could be more aware of the meth use around here and the drugs here they're so bad and they're just destroying that generation's lives."

The Sheriff's office thinks Harris and Scruggs are headed towards Virginia Beach.

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