"It was just weird;" Lynchburg police warn of suspicious meat salesman

Neighbors say this white van has been pulling into the neighborhood, a salesman gets out and says your neighbor ordered meat but isn't home and he can sell it to you (Photo provided)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Be wary of meat salesmen.

That's the warning from the Lynchburg Police Department because they said one man is going door-to-door trying to sell meat to people in Lynchburg.

People in a neighborhood on Link Road said they've seen the 'meat salesman' twice since December and each time he shows up claiming he tried to deliver meat to a neighbor who isn't home, so now he's trying to get rid of it.

Christy Jones said the first time she thought the man might have been a new neighbor, but when she saw him again, she says she noticed his van didn't have logos and he told the same story.

"He said, again, that the neighbor was not home when he was delivering the meat and he really had to get rid of it," said Jones. "He seemed very insistent."

Jones isn't the only one who's been targeted.

This week, another woman in Lynchburg took to Facebook saying the same happened in her neighborhood.

Her post got more than 75 shares and tons of comments from people who said they've had the same experience.

"I don't believe in coincidences, so I believe this is a fraud of some nature," said Cindy Kozerow with the Lynchburg Police Department.

Lynchburg Police said they have gotten reports, but technically it's not illegal because you don't need a permit to sell things you own.

But, you should still be cautious.

"You don't know where this meat came from," Kozerow said. "It could be stolen. We don't know what kind of safety precautions they used when handling the meat. It's just very unwise for anyone to purchase meat like that."

Police say if you see the white van in your neighborhood and you're suspicious that something is going on, give them a call.

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