"It was just the right thing to do." Aldi employee helps customer pay for groceries


    LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - An employee at a local grocery store recently stepped in to help in a big way.

    Frankie Foley is the store manager at Aldi on Lakeside Drive in Lynchburg. She told ABC 13 she was at the cash register one day when a woman came through her line.

    The woman tried to pay for her items with an Aldi gift card, but there wasn't enough money on the card.

    As the customer was trying to decide what items to put back, Foley decided to pay the difference. "It was just the right thing to do. I would think if I was in that situation someone would step in and help me."

    Foley says there were only a few items and it didn't cost her much, but the customer was grateful for her kindness.

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