'I'm relieved;' Father of April homicide victim grateful for suspect's arrest

Andra Watson (Photo: Bobbie Watson)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- The death of Andra Watson has been weighing heavily on the Watson family.

They say they've been terribly concerned to know their son's killer was still out there walking around.

But with Friday's arrest, they say they've gotten some sense of peace.

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"I'll always remember Andra, he's my baby," Bobbie Watson, Andra Watson's father said.

Watson was shot and killed in the 1100 block of 18th street in April.

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"It was hard, kinda hard on everybody," Bobbie Watson said.

After a three-month long investigation, Lynchburg police arrested Troy Lee Beasley for Watson's murder.

"I thank God that they got him," Bobbie Watson said. "I don't have to be going through no more heartaches and pains... I'm relieved."

But the pain isn't over, Watson says he wants to know why someone would take such a drastic measures.

"I kept wondering why he had to take my sons life when I know Andra never bothered nobody," he said.

They say they just want justice for their son.

"He won't be forgotten... he'll be in my life until I'm gone," Watson said.

Beasley is charged with 2nd degree murder, use of a firearm and aggravated malicious wounding among other charges.

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