'I'm just glad that's over'; son of murder victim gets closure

Kevin Holt finds closure. (WSET)

EVINGTON, Va. (WSET) -- Jeanette Brown was shot and killed almost a year ago in Halifax County.

The murder of Jeanette Brown in January of 2018 stunned the entire family.

Jeanette's husband, Jack Brown, is the suspected killer and entered an Alford Plea in court December 2.

An Alford Plea is when the defendant pleads guilty, but does not admit to committing the crime.

Jeanette's son, Kevin Holt, said that hearing of his mother's death floored him.

Holt said he couldn't believe his stepfather, 81-year-old Jack Brown, could be responsible for her death.

Holt stated that although Brown never seemed like that kind of person, he was controlling.

"I had to go through him whenever I spoke to my mother pretty much every time," Holt said.

In court Brown claimed his wife was sick and wanted to die, but Holt never believed that.

"I knew that just wasn't so," said Holt. "I knew my mama good enough to know that she didn't have the problems that he was claiming."

Holt says that Brown's plea has helped him with closure.

"I'm just glad that's over," said Holt. "I'm glad it's come to an end."

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