"I was just basically holding back tears;"SPCA working to save puppies found in landfill

(Photo: Kelsize Metzgar)

HENRY Co., Va. (WSET) -- Two puppies are recovering after a couple found them in a landfill, on the brink of starvation in Henry County.

At around five-months-old, the two puppies have battled through their fair share.

Just before closing on Saturday, the Martinsville Henry County SPCA got a call from a man who found two puppies at the local landfill that were malnourished.

"We get calls like this relatively often, so we weren't too surprised by it," said Catherine Gupton, with the Martinsville SPCA Donor Relations.

In these cases, when they're brought to the SPCA, the animals are skinny, need vitamins and food, but can usually bounce back quickly, but instead these two brought tears to their eyes.

"You could literally put your hand around their hip bones," Kinsi Donley, with the Medical Department said. "It's like they couldn't even open their mouth. They wanted the food, but it's more like they were pushing the food with their face and couldn't find the strength to open their mouth."

The dogs are a mixed breed.

The boy puppy, Aragon, was only 14.6 pounds, and the girl, Eowyn, just 13.6 pounds.

"They should probably be around the 25 to 30 pound mark," said Gupton.

The SPCA gave them fluids, tried to boost sugar levels, and reached out to a vet in Pittsylvania County with emergency hours, knowing for the puppies to survive, they were going to need 24-hour care.

"We can do some medical care, something that intensive and that around the clock, we just don't have the ability to provide," said Gupton.

The SPCA staff believe the puppies were probably pets at one point.

"It's not normal to see animals come in in that condition and it really is heartbreaking," Gupton said.

"I was just basically holding back tears. It was bad," Donley added.

The SPCA says due to the condition the dogs were in, they're offering a reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

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