"I can just do my little bit;" Local woman trying to clear littered highway

Neighbors in Campbell County say the amount of garbage piling up along 460 is out of control. (Photo: Whitney Burney)

CAMPBELL CO., Va. (WSET) -- Laurie Gulluscio has been living in the Lynchburg area for almost 30 years and said she's never seen so much trash along the high way.

"Recently it's just gotten so excessive," said Gulluscio as she picked up beer bottles from the side of the road.

She took to Facebook last week to ask if anyone else had noticed and her post received over 280 likes and tons of comments from people in the area who said they had noticed the same thing.

Gulluscio says she goes out every six months to clean up and can fill garbage bags worth of trash.

"It's important, even if people are living here temporarily, we need to get them to care," Gulluscio added.

The Virginia Department of Transportation says that picking up trash is not at the core of what they do, but they try to help as much as possible.

"The aesthetics of the roadway and the roadside, they're very important to us but we need everyone's help to make it happen," said Paula Jones, the spokesperson for Lynchburg VDOT.

Jones says one of the biggest issues with stopping roadside littering, is that laws are not being enforced.

Gulluscio says she's worried that people just don't care. She says that she would like to see more billboards along roadways, more fines enforced, and education to encourage kids to get involved.

She says it's on us to take care of where we live.

"I call it care for your square, but if everybody just did a little bit and didn't turn a blind eye to it and think someone else was going to do it, maybe we could get on top of it," said Gulluscio.

The Campbell County Sheriff's office said that they know that littering is a widespread issue, but because an officer needs to catch someone in the act, it can be difficult to enforce.

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