Hurricane Irma ruins travel plans for many

The travel team are working overtime to re-book clients who were going to Florida and the Carribean during Hurricane Irma. (Photo: Whitney Burney)

LYNCHBURG, Va., (WSET)--- Travel Agencies in the area say that they've had to make quite a few adjustments for their clients this past week to keep them away from Hurricane Irma.

Glenn Moran is one of those clients.

"We take a cruise every other year," said Moran. "This would have been our 3rd cruise with Carnival."

Moran says that he and his group will be stuck in Virginia this week instead of taking the 7 day cruise they had been planning for the past year.

"When we found out that the trip was cancelled we were sort of relieved but when I found out we wouldn't be getting a full refund I felt violated."

Moran says that Carnival offered to give him a voucher for a 4 day cruise instead or one that he can take next year but neither of those options work with his schedule.

"It's been crazy because in addition to the changes for immediate which we normally wouldn't have on our plate we still have the normal people planning travel,"said Glenda Frye with the Travel Team.

"We've spent quite a few hours on the phones," said April Farmer who works for Travel Bug.

Both agents say its been a hectic week.

"I think we're all disappointed when our travel plans change. You spend months planning. We just try to make it as painless for them as possible."

Both agencies are working overtime to accommodate their clients. They say they're number one priority is to make sure their clients are safe and happy.

"Whenever weather is involved we just have to be a little more patient."

Both agencies say they've been able to re-book most of their clients and they're still diligently working on the others.

"It's hard to stay calm in a situation like this but if you can stay calm call your travel agent let them help you through it," said Farmer.

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