How you can prepare an emergency kit with this checklist

    This June 2018 photo provided by VLES shows contents of the company’s GO-bag. The bag is a best-in-class fully-stocked emergency bag that has things you could need in case of an emergency and has plenty of room for the personal items you’ll need. (VLES via AP)

    LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- The Virginia Department of Emergency Management wants everyone to be as prepared as they can ahead of the possibility of Hurricane Florence making landfall.

    They have prepared an emergency supply checklist that includes important items that could sustain your family during a disaster.

    They said that it can take several days or weeks for government services and assistance to reach individuals and families, depending on the severity of the disaster and one's geographical location.

    Here are some of the items to include in an emergency kit:

    Food and Supplies

    • At least a 3-day supply of water and non-perishable food
    • Infant formula and diapers
    • Pet food and supplies

    Medical Needs

    • Medications for at least one week and copies of prescriptions
    • Medical equipment
    • First aid kit and antibiotic ointment
    • Sunblock

    Tools and Safety Items

    • Flashlight and batteries
    • Multipurpose tool

    Hygiene and Sanitation

    • Antibacterial soap and disinfectant
    • Paper towels, toilet paper and towelettes
    • Bleach and rubbing alcohol
    • Toothbrush and toothpaste

    Also, be sure to have an emergency communication plan set in place, including all contacts of those in your household, as well as relatives and neighbors.

    You can find more helpful tips here.

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