Holocaust survivor discusses love of humanity, refugees

Eva Kor, a Holocaust survivor, speaks with ABC 13 about forgiveness, hope, humanity, refugees and ISIS.

LYNCHBURG, Va. - A survivor of the Holocaust and refugee herself spoke to a packed crowd at Randolph College about her life at a concentration camp.

No visuals. No audio.

Just impassioned words from this survivor of Auschwitz: Eva Kor.

Kor was experimented on by Dr. Josef Mengele, a known Nazi doctor because she was a twin.

"To be in Auschwitz and realizing that life was depending on a little thing or a big thing like I was injected by the deadly germs, I didn't give up," said Kor. "And people have asked me why on Earth I didn't give up? Because I could not let Hitler win and the only way I could defeat Hitler is by staying alive."

Kor says she was a refugee. She compared herself to the Syrian refugees of today.

"I said the thought that every child would be born into a loving home, what a beautiful world that would be. But that is not happening easily," said Kor. "And those children who are abused as children, neglected, some of them end of taking revenge on society."

During our interview, Kor questioned out-loud how so many terrorists came to be, including followers of ISIS.

"At my museum we have a poster that says and the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing. That is the way Hitler rose to power. That is the way ISIS rose to power," said Kor.

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