Hollywood actress finds balance with faith and career through studying at LU

Tiffany Espensen (Photo: Liberty University)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Actress Tiffany Espensen has been featured in shows and films such as Disney XD's "Kirby Buckets" and "Spider-Man Homecoming".

Although Espensen lives in Los Angeles, the 18-year-old made the choice to enroll in Liberty University's online program in 2016. According to the university, she is dual-majoring in political science and religion.

“I always loved to learn, and I knew that as I got older, college was something that I needed to doI wanted to get an education with a biblical worldview, but I knew I couldn’t just drop everything and leave. I prayed about it and I said, ‘Lord I really want to keep learning; I really want to go to college; I really want to get a degree,'" she said.

While on her search to find the right fit, Espensen took to Google to find the 'best Christian colleges'. During her search, Liberty popped up.

Due to Liberty being a leader in online education, Espensen learned that she would be able to get her education and continue on with her acting career.

She said the primary factor that attracted her was her personal identification with Liberty's foundation and core mission of "Training Champions for Christ".

"I genuinely really love what Liberty is doing and what it stands for. It is so important because you don’t see many colleges today that stand for truth, and that is very important because you are training young minds," Espensen mentioned.

She shared that although she has a Hollywood career, she has not lost sight of who she is as a Christian.

“In the roles I choose and the auditions I go on, I am very careful because I know that I represent Christ," said Espensen.

She went on to add that living in Hollywood has increased her faith.

"[Being on set] has helped me to really dig deeper into my faith; I’m dependent on [Jesus] more," she said.

Espensen said she that she watches Convocation online and follows the university on social media.

“I love the curriculum that I am reading. I love how flexible it is, that I can go anywhere and communicate with my teachers," she said.

In addition to acting, Espensen is active in humanitarian causes including Compassion International and the Starlight Children’s Foundation. She is an official Wildlife Warriors Global Ambassador and she was an executive intern for a California state senator and served on the Youth Preparedness Council.

"For me, it is just trusting God and knowing that He is good in all seasons," Espensen said.

She shared that she credits God with her success.

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