Hobby Lobby replacing Kmart, 5 new retailers planned to come into River Ridge Mall


    LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Hobby Lobby is officially coming to Lynchburg.

    Liberty University confirmed that Hobby Lobby will be filling the vacant space where Kmart used to be on Wards Road.

    General Counsel for Liberty University, David Corry, said that Hobby Lobby has to submit plans to the city and once they are approved, the store can begin construction.

    Right now, there is no timeframe for when the store will be up and running, but Corry said they plan on working quickly.

    Corry also confirmed that Liberty has five new letters of intent for new retailers and restaurants at River Ridge Mall.

    He said that Liberty sent representatives to a convention out west months ago and they targeted five retailers that they thought would be a good fit.

    Three will be on the former Sears end and will have exterior entrances.

    On the other end, on the Macy's side, two restaurants, famous for being located in malls, will be filling that spot.

    Corry said the Macy's end will be a retail dining end to compliment the Sears retail side.

    Liberty plans to cut the middle out of Macy's to make it an exterior walkway to the main part of the mall so that the two restaurants will be on either side.

    The ground level will house the two sit down restaurants and the second floor will hold offices.

    Corry said to think about how Value City was gutted and then transformed into the Regal movie theater as to how the plans for the former Sears and Macy's will take place.

    Right now, the five retailers are in lease negotiation and once that is over they will start announcing the names.

    Finally, Corry said Liberty is also looking into buying the Toys 'R' Us that recently closed at Candlers Mountain, and they have plans to keep it as a retail location.

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