'He tried to take me;' Woman speaks after helping teen that was approached by naked man

Drewrys Hill Road where the teenager was running for help after a man exposed and himself and attempted to lure her into his vehicle. (Photo: WSET)

BEDFORD Co., Va. (WSET) -- The Bedford County Sheriff's Office is investigating an alleged threat where a naked man attempted to lure a 17-year-old into his car.

Officials say at around 4:30 Tuesday afternoon, the victim was walking down Drewrys Hill Road from her bus stop when a man in a tan Toyota truck tried to lure the teenager.

"My oldest two came in and said 'there's a girl running up the road yelling for help screaming for help, help,'" says Margaret Barkheimer, the woman who came to the teen's aid.

Barkheimer shared that the man was completely nude when he approached the teen.

"The only thing she could spit out was 'he tried to take me,'" Barkheimer said. "She was very upset, shaken, and she had been throwing up, it was nerve racking."

Barkheimer is now stressing to her own children the importance of checking in with their parents after school.

"This is why we tell you everyday, come straight up from the bus stop, that it's important they come directly home," she said.

Barkheimer is now letting every parent that she can know about the incident through Facebook.

"I think everyone needs to be aware that there may be something out there, and that it could happen, know what to look out for," Barkheimer shared.

Investigators have not yet made any arrests in the incident.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Bedford County Sheriff's Office at 540-586-7827.

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