Grocery Store Co-op struggles for funding

The store front of the Grassroots market

LYNCHBURG, Va., (WSET)--- A local co-op, Grassroots Market, had plans of opening a grocery store downtown sometime this summer but may be closing up shop before they have their first customer.

The group recently took to Facebook giving its members the option of pushing forward with the store plans or cutting their losses and giving up the business.

The Facebook post says that the board members are split on which way to go and they want the members to voice their opinions.

This comes after two banks denied the group the remaining funds they needed to open, according to their post.

"People feel that there's so many people living downtown now and that it is something that would add a lot to the city so whether through this effort or some other effort, I certainly hope that we'll be able to get a grocery store downtown," said Rodney Taylor. Taylor is the owner of the Market at Main and a member of the Grassroots Co-Op. He says that he will be supportive either way the board decides but hopes they will be able to find a way to push through.

ABC 13 crews reached out to the Co-op's board of directors, they say that they are still working on making a decision and will keep the public updated via social media.

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