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Gretna family forced to sleep on floor for two weeks, waiting for moving company

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GRETNA, Va. (WSET) - A Gretna couple says a moving company hasn't delivered their belongings, and it's been more than two weeks. Cortney Cosenza and her family left Rhode Island to start a new life.

But she says every time they call to have their stuff delivered, the movers are a no show.

Moving to Gretna was supposed to be a new start for Jayce Grabbert and his fiancée Cortney Cosenza. In June, the couple hired movers and headed south. “They just took all the stuff that we packed and put it all onto one of their trucks" said Grabbert.

They went with the New York-based 'Around the Clock Moving Services.' “And we had 30 days free storage but when we called them and we were ready for our stuff they would set it up and bring us our stuff" said Cosenza.

Cosenza says she called two weeks ago to let them know she was ready, but the movers never came. "They said their driver got pulled over in Illinois, because he exceeded the 8-hour driving period" said Cosenza.

Cosenza had to reschedule with the company a few more times, but says each time they were a no-show. “We don't have any of our kids' stuff. We don't have their beds, their dressers. we don't have the rest of their clothes. We don't have school supplies; our daughter is starting school" said Cosenza.

Right now, Cosenza and her fiancée are sleeping on an air mattress. But a mile up the road, her grandmother rented her own trailer, and has been sleeping on the floor. "I just want to be settled, I'm trying to be patient" said Cosenza’s grandmother Donna Knudde.

Around the Clock Moving Services' office manager, Adam Cohen, said they have stuck to the agreed time frame. "She requires and requested 30 days free storage, so anyone who calculates 30 days from June 26 is July 26, which is two days ago" said Cohen.

Cohen says the agreement was that they would deliver within 7 days, after the 30 day storage was over. He says customers are allowed to request their stuff early, but it's based on priority. He say it is not a guarantee they can deliver. "That's only for customers that require storage. Anybody else and we ship it out as soon as possible" said Cohen.

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Adam Cohen said the family should be getting their belongings in the next two to three days. Cohen also admitted to offering Cosenza a $150 credit if she didn't write a bad review. But he said the company did that just to keep her happy and was adamant they were not at fault.

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