"Grace of God I'd say,"; woman survives, man dies after being stranded following crash

Sandra Stephenson and her boyfriend Billy Hughes were found five days after their car went into this embankment. (Photo: WSET)

PITTSYLVANIA Co., Va. (WSET) -- A couple has been identified following an accident that left a man dead and a woman seriously injured.

Sandra Stephenson and her boyfriend Billy Hughes, both in their 70s, were reported missing last Thursday when they didn't show up for their medical appointment.

While backing out of a driveway, the couple's vehicle went into an embankment. From the street above, no one saw them or their car.

"The lady advised that she had tried to blow the horn and flash the lights to get some help but it was so thick you couldn't see the car down the side of the hill," said Chief Kevin Farris of the Brosville Fire Department.

The couple was discovered Tuesday afternoon after being stranded for five days. Officials found Stephenson in the car and alert, but unable to walk.

"Grace of God I'd say. She had no food, no water. She does have significant medical problems," Farris said.

According to officials, Hughes was found dead outside of the car. They said he tried to go get help when the accident happened.

Stephenson told officials that she thinks the accelerator got stuck in the car.

Officials said Stephenson is in the hospital and is in high spirits.

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