God's Pit Crew is rolling out Emergency Blessing Buckets for schools

God's Pit Crew makes Emergency Blessing Buckets (WSET)

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- God's Pit Crew in Danville is working on a blessing bucket that will help save lives in a moment of crisis.

The organization came up with the new idea after a shooting at Noblesville West Middle School in Indiana left students on lock down for hours.

"They couldn't leave the classroom," said Holly Elliot, a nurse at the school. "We had diabetic students, who didn't have access to sugar sources or the restroom."

Elliot watched as students were bused out of harms way, but she noticed that the students didn't have access to necessary health resources.

After the shooting, Elliot contacted God's Pit Crew.

"They reached out and asked have we ever thought about making an emergency blessing bucket," said Julie Burnett, the Blessing Buckets Program Director. "Something that would be tailored to a situation of a shooting or a lockdown."

Burnett immediately got to work on putting together an Emergency Blessing Bucket.

"When you're in that situation for several hours, you still are going to need potentially live saving items," says Burnett.

Burnett did research and spoke with EMS and teachers in the area and came up with 18 items to put in the blessing bucket including a tourniquet, water, gauze pads, and more.

John Cline, the Head Administrator at the Westover Christian Academy, loves the idea.

"The idea of being able to supply the students while they're in their lockup position, perfect idea," Cline stated.

Cline wants the Westover Christian Academy to become the pilot school for the buckets.

"We would like to be one of the first to bring them in and you hope you don't have to use them," Cline said.

Elliot says after seeing the impact firsthand in Indiana, she thinks the buckets would make all the difference.

Burnett says they are still working on getting the program rolled out, but any school that is interested in the buckets can reach out to God's Pit Crew.

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