GLTC not seeing the Hopper rider numbers they want

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET)-- Things aren't hopping the way administrators hoped.

The Hopper is the free downtown shuttle for the GTLC.

Officals with Hopper said ridership dropped after the first month. Simply put, they are trying to get the name out there more.

Right now the free shuttle has just over 3 months under its belt.

GLTC says it's working with the Downtown Lynchburg Association and businesses to spread the word about using the Hopper.

Over the past 3 months, here's what the ridership numbers look like: 219 in September, down to 153 in October, and about the same for November, with about 145.

GLTC's Assistant General Manager Amanda Richardson says they are looking to bring the levels up.

"Creating ridership level that is sustainable so that we can continue to offer this hopper service in the future and expand upon it," Richardson said.

GLTC expects to see the ridership numbers increase during the winter months.

They are trying to find ways to expand its hours.

The tricky part is, the grant proposal says the bus will only run at certain times.

That grant made the Hopper free to the city.

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