Gleaning for the World collecting supplies for Hurricane Victims

Gleaning for the World outside Sam's Club collecting donations for Houston and Florida 

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- With two natural disasters in less than a month, relief organizations are scrambling to help out.

Gleaning for the World is not done helping out Houston, and now there's Florida.

17 of them have made their way to Houston, 3 of them are in Florida.

As of Monday, Gleaning for the World has 5 distribution centers set up in Florida.

The founder of Gleaning for the World said the public has been extremely helpful in donating supplies. They still need more supplies.

Keving Haglund and his daughter Sarah dropped off some supplies on Monday, "We take a lot of things for granted, that we have power, a roof over our heads and a lot of the people in Florida and in Texas still don't have those things, so it's important to share the blessings that we do have that God's given us," said Haglund.

At Sam's club there will be a donation list of supplies at the door that you can buy.

The truck will be at Sam's Club until Wednesday.

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