23-year-old woman rollerblading across nation to restore faith in humanity

Yanise Ho believes one girl can roller blade through the country without money and be just fine. (Credit: WSET).

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) - Yanise Ho believes one girl can roller blade through the country without money and be just fine.

"I want to show how amazing people are to the world," said the 23-year-old.

She travels with only a few items.

"I travel with just my roller blades and a 40-pound backpack with no money, no weapons, relying on the kindness of strangers to feed and host me everyday," Ho said.

Ho started her journey in Miami to restore faith in humanity and resurrect trust.

"It hurts me that a lot of people would come up and tell me don't be trusting. Be careful. The world is dangerous. It really hurts me because people have been amazing to me," Ho said.

Not once has she been left without a place to sleep.

"I've been on the road for 64 days now and there's not a day I had to sleep on the street or went hungry," Ho said.

She arrived in Danville Tuesday and immediately grabbed attention at Me's Burgers and Brews.

"We saw this young lady come roller skating up to that little courtyard area with a backpack, and a GoPro and a helmet on and we're like 'What is this girl doing?'" said Matt Adkins, who was eating there with his girlfriend Sarah.

Yanise's faith rewarded her once again.

After hearing her story, Adkins and Sarah took her in for the night.

"Sarah was like, 'Well stay with us tonight' and that's kind of how it worked out," Adkins said.

Not only is Ho looking to show how kind the world is, she is also raising money for the Bladress scholarship, which was started in her honor.

"[I'm] fundraising for girls' education in Kenya and Uganda where girls are still being suppressed. They don't get a chance to go to school," Ho said.

She is also looking to break a world record for the longest journey on inline skates.

"The current record is 5,300 miles, so I'm trying to about that. The whole journey would be about 6,000 miles," Ho said.

For Adkins, her journey is inspirational.

"It's given me a lot more faith in humanity," Adkins said.

Ho said will hit South Boston next.

She plans on eventually going to New York and then all the way to Los Angeles.

You can track her progress by going to her website

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