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General Jim Clapper speaks on cyber security in Roanoke

Gen. Jim Clapper at Hotel Roanoke (WSET/Annie Andersen).
Gen. Jim Clapper at Hotel Roanoke (WSET/Annie Andersen).
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ROANOKE, Va. (WSET) -- General Jim Clapper stopped in Roanoke Wednesday to talk about cyber security.

Clapper spoke to a crowed at Making Connections Cyber Security Conference at the Hotel Roanoke. The event was put on by Roanoke County Schools and the Virginia Society for Technology in Education.

He started off his talk on a light note by recalling when Donald Trump said he would refuse to pay his bill at the Hotel Roanoke. "I want to commend the temperature control people," joked Clapper. "I think the temperature is amazing."

While cell phones and tablets make our lives easier, Gen. Clapper says they also make us more vulnerable to hackers.

He says teaching kids about cyber security from an early age is imperative, which is why the former Director of National Intelligence came to speak in Roanoke.

After jokes and hellos, Clapper quickly got down to business. "The internet is inherently insecure," he stated. As the former director of National Intelligence, he has first hand knowledge on topic.

Clapper said he has no doubt that Russia interfered in the 2016 election.

It's something many from both sides of the aisle have agreed on. He says this wasn't an attack on a political party, it was an attack on democracy itself. "This is a terrible affront to something that is fundamental to this country is our, the sanctity and security of our election process," said Clapper.

Clapper also touched on accusations of wire tapping at Trump Tower, saying it didn't happen. He added, "The notion that President Obama or any president would wire tap or directly order a wire tap just doesn't comport with our laws and our processes."

An FBI investigation is looking into whether the Russians colluded with the Trump campaign.

Clapper has been called to testify before a House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday.

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