Frigid for Thursday, weekend winter storm draws closer

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    Winter has returned to the Heart of Virginia, and we are tracking a winter storm for the weekend.

    Thursday will be breezy and cold with highs near 37. Factor in the gusty winds and it will feel more like the teens and twenties during the day.

    Quiet and cold conditions continue for Friday, but we won’t have any travel issues as we enjoy sunshine. Highs hover near 40 on Friday.

    We then turn our attention to the weekend and the winter storm on the horizon.

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    While there are still questions on the exact timing of when the snow begins, we’ll see the snow increasing on Saturday, with snow/heavy snow falling by Saturday night.

    Right now, snowfall amounts in the 5” to 10” range are forecast for the Lynchburg area with the Roanoke area ranging from 5” to 14”.

    This forecast can and will change. The totals could go up or down depending on the storm track and its intensity.

    Some of the biggest questions lie in the forecast amounts for Southside due to the proximity of the freezing line. A wintry mix of sleet will increase in Southside on Sunday—that’s why the totals are lower. More mixing brings down the snowfall amounts.

    If warmer air begins to invade from the south earlier than anticipated on Sunday, then forecast totals would need to be lowered. If the colder air lingers longer, the totals could go up.

    Another point to mention, if the storm is weaker than anticipated, the forecast totals in the Lynchburg area and areas north would be too high.

    Sunday Futurecast.JPG

    There are many moving parts to this forecast as we are talking about multiple types of precipitation.

    Know that we are working to refine the forecast and bring you the specific details as soon as possible.

    The bottom line: whether you get 3”, 7” or 10”, roads will be snow covered and we are expecting cancellations.

    Please keep checking back for updates both on-air and online!

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