Free horse show to celebrate 50th anniversary of IHSA

    Averett University students practice for horse show. (Photo: Valerie Bragg/WSET)

    PROVIDENCE, NC (WSET)- Happening this weekend, Averett University is hosting the season opener to celebrate the 50th year of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association.

    Not only will you get to see the horses but of the best part about it is it's free to attend.

    More than 100 riders from eleven different schools in our region will be competing Saturday.

    What will make this show even more interesting is riders will not be given an opportunity to practice on the horse or course.

    This is all part of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. The college owns the horses and it allows students the opportunity to ride and compete in horse shows regardless of financial status or riding abilities.

    "Hopefully they'll see a lot of riders staying on their horses and having a good time,” said Cricket Morris, Equestrian Associate for Averett. “It's always interesting because the other schools come and ride our horses so they don't know them. They have no warmup. So they literally get on, walk in the ring and they're being judged. So it's a real test of their horsemanship skills."

    The horse show will start at 10 Saturday morning and will go until about four in the afternoon. It's held at Averett University's Riding Center in Providence, North Carolina. The address is 2341 Gammon Road. (Directions: From 86 South, turn right onto Shady Grove Road [just past Cluck's]. Travel 3 miles, and turn left onto Gammon Road. The Averett Riding Center is on the left about a mile and a half down Gammon.)

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