Framatome Inc. moving headquarters from N.C. to Lynchburg


LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Governor Ralph Northam was in Lynchburg Wednesday, April 4 to announce that Framatome, a designer and supplier of nuclear steam supply system and nuclear equipment, services, and fuel for high levels of safety and performance, will relocate its North American corporate headquarters from Charlotte, North Carolina, to the City of Lynchburg.

AREVA NP was rebranded as Framatome in January 2018.

The company has 1,300 employees in Lynchburg, 2,300 employees in North America, and 14,000 employees globally.

"Framatome Inc. is a thriving, U.S.-based company, and we couldn’t be prouder that this nuclear energy leader will center its operations in the City of Lynchburg and the Commonwealth as it grows in domestic markets," said Governor Northam. "The company’s decision to relocate its corporate headquarters is a testament to the importance of its major customers located in Virginia, as well as the key partnerships with our state and local universities and community colleges to ensure a skilled talent pipeline. I am confident that the world-class training facility in Lynchburg will continue to increase Framatome’s notoriety as a leader in a critical industry."

The headquarters makes Lynchburg the central hub for the company's 2,300 North American employees.

The company designs, manufactures, and installs components and fuel for nuclear power plants and offers a full range of reactor services.

"We have been in the Lynchburg area of Virginia for more than 50 years and as we look to the future as Framatome, we are proud to once again make this the headquarters for our North American operations," said Gary Mignogna, president and CEO of Framatome Inc. "When it comes to recruiting, we have access to some of the best university programs in the country and the region offers a growing diversity of activities and opportunities that make this a great place to live and work."

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership worked with the City of Lynchburg and the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance to help secure the project for Virginia.

"The City of Lynchburg is extremely pleased that Framatome has made the decision to move its headquarters to Lynchburg," said Joan F. Foster, Mayor, City of Lynchburg. "The company has a long history here and we value Framatome as a major employer, employing over 1,300 people in Lynchburg alone. But we are also proud that this is a company that has continued to show its commitment to this community through partnering with arts and civic organizations, with education, especially STEM programs, serving on boards, and volunteering with many different programs. They help make Lynchburg a great place to live, work, and play!"

With the move, the company will preferentially hire into its Lynchburg offices where employment is expected to grow.

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