Former YMCA employee admits to repeatedly sexually abusing young boy

Shannon Bobrosky (Photo: Roanoke Police Department)

ROANOKE, Va. (WSET) -- A former Roanoke YMCA employee, who prosecutors said repeatedly abused a minor, pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday to a number of charges related to child sexual exploitation and child pornography.

Shannon M. Bobrosky, 23, of Roanoke pleaded guilty to two counts of production of child porn, one count of distribution of child porn, and several other charges.

She was indicted on 15 charges, but as part of the plea agreement, all but four were dropped.

Judge Glen Conrad listened as Bobrosky answered his questions, reminding her that there are "stern, severe penalties upon conviction." He held off on accepting the plea agreement, taking it under advisement. Conrad said he wants to learn more about Bobrosky before he decides if he will accept the plea, although he added it is likely he will accept it.

In court, Bobrosky admitted to sexually abusing a young child, taking digital photographs of the abuse, and sending the images using text message applications and other means.

Based on the mandatory minimum sentences for the charges, she will spend at least 35 years behind bars, however, she could be sentenced to 80 years, along with a fine of $750,000.

The plea deal also states that she will pay restitution to her victim; that will be at least 50% of whatever she earns while in jail and the rest of the restitution will be announced during her sentencing.

According to the evidence, Bobrosky appears to have been motivated by her desire to satisfy various sexual fantasies, to include having a submissive relationship with men interested in child porn and/or pedophilia and seeking gratification providing such men with images of the actual or simulated sexual molestation of the child, as well as fantasies regarding the rape of the child by those men, according to Assistant US Attorney Laura Day Rottenborn.

The FBI identified six images on her phone; four included a female hand fondling a prepubescent boy and two images showed a female mouth simulating oral sex on a prepubescent boy.

During the interview, police said Bobrosky admitted that she took the pictures of the victim for purposes of distribution on the Kik messenger app and to people she had an online relationship with.

She also admitted that the female hand and mouth in the pictures were hers.

Police said after further review of her phone, they found an image of an individual appearing to be Bobrosky performing what appears to be oral sex on a minor.

Reading a summary of the charges, and the evidence going along with those charges, Rottenborn said that Bobrosky met men online, and those men lived in several different states. She added that those men were interested in pedophelia or child pornography.

In one instance described by Rottenborn, Bobrosky met a man on Craigstlist in September of 2015. Rottenborn says he had placed an ad looking for incest.

Investigators determined that Bobrosky communicated with him until her arrest in March, 2017. Rottenborn testified that the relationship revolved around sexual molestation and said that sometimes the man would ask for certain pictures, other times Bobrosky volunteered.

Conrad asked Bobrosky about the charges, and she admitted that she took the pictures "with her cell phone."

Rottenborn said along with the pictures taken by Bobrosky, investigators also recovered pictures from the Internet and videos sent to Bobrosky by other people. She added that law enforcement found a lot of pictures, and that police were able to recover pictures and texts sent to at least one man through the messenger app, Kik.

As part of her plea deal, Bobrosky has to cooperate with the government. When asked if that means Bobrosky will be called as a witness in other criminal prosecutions, Rottenborn said she wasn't able to comment.

After hearing the evidence the government was prepared to present, Bobrosky told Judge Conrad that it was a fair summary of the evidence.

A YMCA spokesperson said Bobrosky was fired the moment they learned of her arrest and that they don't believe any of the children under her watch were involved.

Bobrosky will be sentenced Monday, November 27 at 1:30 p.m.

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