Former LU football player files $100 million lawsuit in alleged sexual assault incident

Kyle Carrington (Liberty University)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - Another former Liberty University football player has filed a lawsuit against the school over false accusations.

Kyle Carrington is one of two former LU football players accused of sexual assault.

He is suing Liberty University, Len Stevens, and the alleged sexual assault victim for defamation and Title IX violations.

The suit alleges a woman falsely accused Carrington of sexual assault in the summer of 2015.

According to the lawsuit, Carrington and the woman both attended a house party in August of that year with a lot of other Liberty University students.

The lawsuit says Carrington and another player accused, Cameron Jackson, met the woman on the side of the house when she offered to perform oral sex on them.

The suit claims that act did happen, but was interrupted by the sound of party-goers headed that direction.

The suit alleges the woman approached several other LU football players and offered to perform the same sex act on them.

The woman was not "stumbling, slurring speech, or otherwise showing visible signs of intoxication," according to the lawsuit.

It says the alleged victim did not report anything to Lynchburg Police when they stopped by for a noise complaint later that evening.

During the fall semester of 2015, rumors of a LU swimmer being gang-raped by members of the football team began to circulate, according to the lawsuit.

The suit alleges the university became aware of the woman's alleged illegal drug use, a violation of the Liberty Way, the school's code of conduct, and eventually the alleged drug use caused the university to withdraw the woman, who then moved home.

According to the lawsuit, the alleged victim and Carrington began a "non-exclusive sexual relationship," but the alleged victim contacted the university to make a report about the incident in July 2016, a year after the incident happened.

The woman claimed the incident "was not consensual."

The lawsuit says the woman was inconsistent about how many football players were involved in the alleged sexual assault, with initially accusing eight football players, then six, then three.

The woman did not report the incident to Lynchburg Police, the Lynchburg Commonwealth's Attorney's Office, Virginia State Police, or other agencies about the LU investigation.

According to the lawsuit, the university's Title IX policies at the time "did not include any requirements to notify the accused of the right to review evidence."

The university released a press release on September 12, 2016, which got to local media.

The lawsuit alleges the appeal process for Carrington was flawed, saying the University did not meet some requirements.

According to the lawsuit, Liberty University released the press release "to foster a public image that the University is tough on Title IX allegations and is sensitive to the needs of women."

This, the lawsuit alleges, to help enhance that image as University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. publicly endorsed Donald Trump, and the school actively began recruiting Ian McCaw, who had worked at Baylor University as the Athletic Director.

"McCaw's resignation from Baylor University came amid significant criticism of his response to a highly publicized sexual assault scandal involving members of the Baylor football team," the lawsuit reads.

As a result, the lawsuit claims Carrington's entire academic career is "severely damaged," and "his overall economic future is compromised."

Carrington's education is at a standstill as a result of LU's "decision to expel him and publicly declare him responsible for sexual assault," according to the lawsuit.

It also says that because of this investigation, Carrington's athletic career is "now compromised, on hold, and possible destroyed."

"Without appropriate redress, the unfair outcome of Liberty University's policies will continue to cause irreversable damage to Mr. Carrington," the lawsuit says.

The suit is for $100,250,000; $50 million against the university, $250,000 against Len Stevens, and $50 million against the alleged victim.

Carrington is currently demanding a jury trial.

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