Forest Middle student charged after loaded gun found in locker



    The Bedford County Sheriff's Office has provided further information about a student bringing a loaded gun to school.

    They say the Bedford County Sheriff's School Resource Officer received a complaint from an assistant principal that a student told the principal that there was possibly a gun in the school.

    After being given this information, school officials had checked a locker and found a small caliber hand gun that was loaded.

    They say the SRO secured the gun and identified the student. The student was arrested and has been charged with possession of a firearm on school property.

    He is currently being held at the Lynchburg Juvenile Detention Center.

    Parents are very concerned after the incident.

    "I've had children in my home, foster children, and I always keep guns in a gun safe," said Linda Garza, and Bedford resident. "And the keys hidden. There's no way that child's gonna get a hold of a gun."

    Bill Cope, a Lynchburg resident agrees saying, "Guns should not be accessible to adolescents or five year olds."


    FOREST, Va. (WSET) -- Parents of students at Forest Middle School were alerted Wednesday after they said a student had a gun at school.

    The alert said a student was charged for "being in possession of a weapon on school premises."

    An official press release will be issued by the Bedford County Sheriff's Office, but school officials said they wanted to have "timely and accurate information directly from the school as well."

    They said a student told an assistant principal that a classmate might have had a gun.

    The school, in cooperation with the sheriff's office, began an immediate investigation and found a small caliber handgun in a locker.

    School administration and the sheriff's office questioned the student before removing the student from school.

    Officials said the student will be charged by the sheriff's office.

    "As with all matters of student safety, we have taken this very seriously and have acted accordingly, utilizing both school system disciplinary recourse and the juvenile justice system," the school said. "We appreciate the actions of our students who provided information that allowed for a quick response to this situation."

    This is a developing story, check back for updates.

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