Flooding damages road in Pittsylvania Co., leaves residents trapped with no power

    Residents are left stranded due to road damage on Woodlake Drive off of Route 29 in Pittsylvania County.

    PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. (WSET) -- As Thursday's storm swept through the area, it left yet another horrific mark off of Route 29 on Woodlake Drive in Pittsylvania County: major road damage, leaving people stranded.

    “There’s 30 houses back here and right now, you can’t get in and you can’t get out," said Dan Marshall, who lost part of his yard where the side of the road has caved in.

    “We actually had to park over at some old restaurant, and now we have to walk back up to our street,' said Katie Tipton, who lives on Mary Lane, and is stranded with other residents who have to use Woodlake Drive to enter the neighborhood.

    On top of the road closure, they have no power.

    “It’s pretty bad, because people have to get to work, families, the grocery store," Tipton said, after parking at an old restaurant and traveling on foot with her daughters to get home.

    Marshall said road damage has been an ongoing problem, and with each rainstorm, he said it’s getting worse.

    He said the road has flooded three times this year, and the last time was just weeks ago.

    "Ripped up the guard rails, ripped up about 10 feet up the property, carved a 12-foot deep hole in the ground," Marshall said, adding how VDOT was just out there last week, telling residents they planned to fix it up.

    “It’s really destroyed the road, I’ve got about a 30 foot hole where I used to have a yard," he said, describing how it looks now.

    Marshall said overflow from the pond into Fall Creek is part of the problem, and he and others are ready for a permanent solution.

    “Unless they get the underlying issue, it’s gonna happen again," he said.

    State police said they’ll continue making sure no one leaves or enters the road until VDOT has fixed it.

    There’s no word on when the road will re-open at this time.

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